High Up

I am potential
A derivative of the instrumental
I am your third eye manifested
Into the nourishment you needed and ingested
I am not from around here

I come from souls that move spirits around in daylight
My eyes are alchemists
And everything I see
Becomes reality

You do not understand

The weight of this power
This power like
Things are born when I breathe
And life grows where I walk
I not only poureth over
I run-eth
Run it up your ladder in hopes of reaching me
I am more than man
I am fire and lightning
But it gets frighting, take a breather
Im so high up the Gods can’t find me either

Is it lonely up there?, they will ask you.
They will ask you these mere jagged pieces of self, they will ask you
If it is lonely up there
Not understanding the purpose of air is not to fit in but to be the space
I am beyond this face
Beyond this race, this earth
Beyond the universe and into everythingness
I am air
High up
And everywhere.

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