Turn on the news
There is a tragic story followed by a neighborhood piece and then the weather
Its brick outside you guys grab a sweater
Federal workers go unpaid
Mass walkouts at the TSA
Is this the USA?
Our leaders are elitists
Agriculture has been depleted
Our society is a fetus
We are all just avatars
Trained to mimic emotions we no longer allow ourselves to feel
The truth lost its appeal
Reality is a facade
What happened to the squad?
The grassroots and the leaders?
The freedom breeders?
I use to stand for truth and justice
But reality has been burned up, charred up and dusted
It seems inevitable
And regrettable
That life as we know it may soon be over
Because while we were being enslaved the media was covering r kelly and who was sober
I cry out for the could’ve been whistleblowers who were murdered trying to get us the truth
That a shadow government owns your life, your future and your youth
But to give up is suicide so we have to get back out there
To protect ourselves, protects our rights and to be aware
They may own the land, they may own the mint
But they will never own us if we speak up, write, and print
Knowledge is freedom
Spread unity, spread peace
But most of all stay woke
The only defeat is sleep

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