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After not being allowed to have a wedding, a reception or any sort of celebration at all ( she sat in the middle of her bed, covered with s cloth while her traitorous best friend Aita sat next to her) Fifi is finally sent off to Gaye’s house to spend the rest of her second wife days.

She does however have the support of Soumboulou and Abby so that is one thing at least. Her sister wife however considers her to be an infant bride who is not special enough to compete with her.


Welcomes his second wife home, is very pleased to find out she is still a virgin. We know because Fifis own aunt offers to get the sheets Fifi and Gaye consummated their marriage on and display her blood stains to the rest of the village. I cannot even begin to discuss how disgusted I am by that. Why is there no respect for women? What is it the villages business what goes on in her bedroom? Why do men think they own women??? Did anyone check penises to see if the man is as “valuable” as the virgin girl they are giving to him? Or do women not care about virtue too?

But I digress.

Gaye rubs his newfound happiness in his first wife’s face and yes she is very bitter (with reason) and calls him a coward who is scared of fifi’s dad.


I think Soumboulou had some really great moments in this episode. For instance, in one scene she is sitting by Jojo’s side caressing him while he speaks with his lawyer to try to get Cheikhouna out of his business (literally and figuratively).

I am a huge fan of Joumbulou, I hereby Christen Jojo + Soumboulou: Joumbulou, because their love for each other is so evident. They have each other’s backs for real. Even though I don’t like the way Jojo barks on her sometimes. The domestic abuse survivor in me needs him to calm down with the yelling.

Another great moment for Soumboulou is when she barks on Nabou AND Jojo to finally get Nabou out of the house. Jojo only kicks her out after finding out that she was working with Cheikhouna the whole time behind his back. He should have kicked her conniving butt out the first time Soumboulou asked him. He should have trusted her word and intuition the way she trusts his when he speaks. When he says sit she sits so I would hope when he says kick her out she’s a traitor that he would do that but whatever. Maybe that’s my American side talking ?


He is still pathetic and living in his brothers shadow. There’s really nothing to say about him other than he let some thugs attack his dad just to keep his child kidnapping job a secret. I am patiently waiting for the episode where he gets what he deserves. Again.


Poor Jojo, everyone he trusted (besides his wife and his dad Gaye) has betrayed him. First Aita and then Nabou. What will he do when Cheikhouna finds out he doesn’t even truly own 51% of the company? In reality he only owns about 11% of it because he is in business with other (shady) people. Let’s keep him in our prayers because he really could lose it all.


Still trying to get out of her marriage with Baye Fall so she can get into a new marriage with some wrestler looking man. Her and her mother are at odds after she refused to help her terrorize Gaye’s new bride.

I really enjoyed this episode but I couldn’t help notice an underlying theme of women being second class citizens in the Senegalese society. It does not seem like the women really have any say in how their lives are going to go. They seemed extremely trapped by societies old fashioned, sexist, expectations of them. As women they are not allowed to do anything without running it by a man yet without the women there would be no men. It’s women who raise men and other women so who are you to tell me how to live my life?